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Karoo Angels X

Karoo Angels - Silver Wire Knitted Juweel Pendant

Karoo Angels - Silver Wire Knitted Juweel Pendant

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She has always dreamt of a Karoo Angels Jewellery range, and over the years we have been experimenting quite a lot, with Violet at Vondeling being the Master crafter in working out tiny, tiny versions of the classic range. But we knew that we needed a better wire that would not tear on clothes, only the best glass beads, as well as some exquisite type of ribbon. And in 2019 all finally came together – and we are so proud to present the Vondeling Juweels, in 6 different colour ways. The wire used is ultra-thin coated copper wire, which indeed only skilled crafters can manage to knit with, a Preciosa glass-bead is adding some weight to the pendant, and the matching hand-dyed silk ribbon completes the look. We think the Juweel angels live up to their name: True gems! And of course, you can use these miniature angels as decorations.

All the Vondeling Juweels have the following text on their name tag: ‘My name is Vondeling Juweel, and I am a Karoo Angel. My name means ‘foundling gem’, and Vondeling is also the name of the village where I come from.’

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