Collection: Six Dots Studios

Six Dots Studios developed an immersive 3D property marketing platform that leverages the best in virtual experience technology and multimedia to showcase property developments and products in stunning and engaging ways.

Click here for the interactive 3D property Experience:

The Six Dots Studios 3D Property Marketing Platform enables clients to have confidence in their purchases through informed decision-making powered by accessible, immersive 3D visualization technology, available online and on any device.

The Six Dots Studios 3D Property Marketing Platform utilizes interactive 3D models, Immersive 3D walkthroughs, and detailed 360 imageries to give clients a holistic engaging experience of their property and products. Within the platform, clients are able to interact with an array of multimedia content, such as videos, images, and documentation.

On-site clients can use the Six Dots Studio Augmented Reality technology to project 3D property and product models within the real world. Allowing them to view their property and products on a life-size scale.

A 3D Interactive and Augmented Reality Design Studio that brings innovative tech solutions to Marketing, Real Estate, and Architecture.

Whether online or on-site The Six Dots Studios 3D Property Marketing Platform engages clients in exciting new ways, it inspires buyer confidence, creates design certainty, and builds enthusiasm and trust throughout the property buying journey.

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