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Tramontina TCP-400 Barbecue Cover in Enameled Carbon Steel - TRM-26500065

Tramontina TCP-400 Barbecue Cover in Enameled Carbon Steel - TRM-26500065

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Tramontina TCP-400 Barbecue Cover in Enameled Carbon Steel - TRM-26500065

The lid is the ideal accessory for roasting meats, vegetables and hamburgers in the air. Enamelled carbon steel barbecue lid. Thermometer for internal temperature control. Handle for handling the lid during use. The lid has slots that keep the brazier oxygenated, keeping the fire lit for longer and its domed profile controls the heat flow internally allowing food to be roasted in full.

Main Functions and Benefits:
The grill body and cooking grate are made of 100% stainless steel, which lasts much longer than traditional barbecue grills on the market.
Slot handles with a folded metal edge for a more comfortable grip.
Enameled steel charcoal tray.
The design concentrates the heat where it matters - on the meat. The meat is cooked more uniformly and the fat melts better, enhancing the flavour and that irresistible smell.
Side guards protect the meat from the wind and provide a greater concentration of heat on the food, thus accelerating the cooking.
Designed for cooking a complete barbecue using only 1.5 Kg of charcoal.

Recommendations for Use:

After the brazier is formed, place the food on the grill and then the lid. When using hot utensils and handling the hot lid, be extra careful. If necessary, use hand protection and keep them out of the reach of children. Before use: Wash the cap using only a sponge and mild detergent or soap. During use: When removing the lid while it is still hot, do not place it on plastic, glass or wooden surfaces. Cleaning: It is important that cleaning is carried out after each use and that no food residues remain on the lid. Always wash using a soft sponge with mild detergent or soap. Do not use it in the dishwasher. Dry the cover after washing to prevent stains from appearing. To dispose of the product and packaging, follow the current recycling guidelines.

Warranty: 90 days for defects or manufacturing defects.

Packaging Dimensions: 425 x 425 x 50 mm
Gross weight: 1.45 kg
Product Dimensions: 419 x 419 x 142 mm
Net weight: 1.19 kg

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