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Tramontina Professional Master 5 in (13 cm) Blue Boning Knife

Tramontina Professional Master 5 in (13 cm) Blue Boning Knife

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Tramontina Professional Master 5 in (13 cm) Blue Boning Knife

Quality and durability for hardworking professionals. With cutting-edge technology, Tramontinas professional knives are always ready to jump into action and do beautifully well with any ingredient, cut, or recipe. Efficiency all-around. The incredibly high quality of the blades is a result of a thermal treatment which consists of hardening (heating the blade), subzero (cooling from 50 to -196 degrees), and tempering (increasing the steel elasticity) for longer and more efficient life. The anatomical and ergonomic textured polypropylene handle is directly injected on the steel bolster, ensuring comfortable, safe use. Antimicrobial protection prevents and reduces the growth of bacteria and fungi. This technology is incorporated during the handle manufacturing process and lasts throughout the product's life, but it does not eliminate the need to clean it thoroughly.

Main Functions and Benefits:

Ideal for separating meat from bones and removing fat.
Strong, sharp, and durable blade.
Special stainless-steel blade thermally treated in a sub-zero process, ensuring average hardness levels of 56 HRc.
Tapered grinding at the appropriate thickness for each application, ensuring precision and durability of the cutting edge.
Anatomical, sanitary, and safe handle.
Textured polypropylene handle, offering greater comfort and safety when handling.
The handle is injected directly onto the end of the blade, which ensures perfect fixation and prevents residue retention.
Handle with antimicrobial protection that prevents the growth of fungi and bacteria, providing sanitary benefits and reducing the microorganisms that cause contamination.

Recommendations for Use:

Wash and dry the item thoroughly before first use.
Sharp object: handle with care and keep out of the reach of children.
For longer-lasting products, dry well before storing, including after removal from the dishwasher.
Please recycle products and packaging in accordance with existing recycling guidelines.


NSF Certificate: The Professional master line products are certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), an organization acknowledged as the main international authority on food safety and hygiene practices.

Weight: 0,09 kg

Warranty: 90-day warranty against manufacturing defects

Returns: Tramontina Products may be returned in new condition to iHouzit, within 30 days of purchase, in exchange for an iHouzit Store Voucher.
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