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Karoo Angels X

Karoo Angels - Reema White

Karoo Angels - Reema White

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In early 2009 we had a creative workshop in the Vondeling village, where we played around with ideas for new angels. One angel was very unusual – it had wings that didn’t look like any other angel. “The wings look almost like kudu horns”, one of us said with a smile – and of course, that became the name of the angel: The Kudu angel.

And in many ways it was obvious that we should have an angel that pays tribute to the majestic kudu antelope that is roaming in the Karoo landscape surrounding the Vondeling and Rietbron villages.

We launched the angel the same year, but the sale didn’t take off – the angel had some problems with the balancing because of the proud and impressive wings. So, the Kudu angel became part of our “ancestor range”, and has been there in the background ever since…

But our customers have never forgotten the Kudu angel, and now and then we will receive emails and phone calls about this unique angel – do we still make her? So, this year we took up the challenge and decided to improve the design a bit, update colors, wire and beads – and voilà, here is Reema – the Kudu angel. And this time she is balancing perfectly :).

Reema means “the antelope” – we think you have already figured that out…

There are 4 different versions of Reema, either with golden, bronze, white or black feathers. We think it is difficult to choose a favourite, we think they look stunning, all 4 together!

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