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Radiant - Fireplace Decorative Flat Indoor with Pebbles 1800w - RHE6

Radiant - Fireplace Decorative Flat Indoor with Pebbles 1800w - RHE6

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Radiant - Fireplace Decorative Flat Indoor with Pebbles 1800w - RHE6


Colour: Black
Lamp / Bulb Type: Included LED
Dimensions: Height : 457 mm Length : 1067 mm   Width : Depth 118 mm

The electric fireplace is an electric heater that mimics a traditional wood or gas burning fireplace. Electric fireplaces are often placed on a wall or inside conventional fireplaces which are no longer used for conventional fires. They plug into the wall and can run on a "flame only" setting. They can also be used as heaters that can heat a small room. Electric fireplaces create flame imitation by projecting LED lights onto a screen in a randomised pattern. Low installation cost and lack of pollution are the two main reasons electric fireplaces are gaining popularity.

Benefits of an electric fireplace:

Low Acquisition Cost: Electric fireplaces are more affordable than other kinds of fireplaces. 

Easy to Install: Electric fireplaces are easy to install and ready to be mounted on a wall and plugin.

No mess: Electric fireplaces create a warm ambience of a fireplace without the mess that comes with a traditional wood fireplace.

Clean Air: Electric fireplaces don't pollute the air inside your home since there is no actual burning. If you care about the air quality in your home, an electric fireplace should be your choice over any other type of fireplace.

Additional Heat: Electric fireplaces are great for supplemental heat. They are 99% efficient, meaning that there's no loss of energy as all of it is converted into heat. Electric fireplaces can be placed in any room to add warmth.

Safe for Children and Pets: Electric fireplaces stay cool to the touch which makes them safe to have around small children and pets

Low Maintenance: The electrical fireplace needs to be dusted off occasionally.

No Vent Needed: The electrical fireplace does need any vent, chimney or flue. Since electric fireplaces don't create any real flames or smoke there is no need for venting. This reduces the cost of installation dramatically.


Radiant is a leading supplier of light fittings and lamps in South Africa, with a growing share in the electrical accessories market, from plugs to extension cords and heaters.

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