Use hand dryers and extractor fans for a hygienic bathroom

Range of High-speed Hand Dryers and Extractor Fans - Radiant and Eurolux

The range of Radiant and Eurolux bathroom accessories offers comfortable and accessible solutions for both commercial and residential spaces.

High speed hand dryers and extractor fans offer numerous benefits where hygiene and comfort are a top priority:

Benefits of high speed hand dryers

Using high-speed towels in public restrooms eliminates the need for paper towels, among a host of other benefits. They are much more hygienic as they are contactless (motion activated). They also do not require the handling required by paper towel dispensers. There is no need to refill the dispenser and empty full containers. Waste reduction is more sustainable for the environment, as well as being more profitable.

Benefits of extractor fans:

They expel odours

The main use of extractor fans is to expel odours in bathrooms, in the kitchen where food is cooked and even in garages where fumes and other contaminants can remain in the air. These spaces sometimes require additional ventilation, especially if there are no windows. An extractor fan expels unwanted odours, leaving the room with a cleaner feeling and smell.

They facilitate cleaning.

The steam formed by a hot shower in the bathroom, or by cooking in the kitchen, causes small drops of water to deposit on cold surfaces such as mirrors and taps. This can often lead to mould growth, which can be difficult to clean. By drawing moisture from the space, there is less chance of this happening, making one's cleaning routine quicker and easier.

They help prevent the growth of mould and bacteria. 

Mould and bacteria are dangerous to health and thrive in humid places with poor ventilation. Extractor fans help prevent this from happening by immediately absorbing moisture from the air and then mechanically draining it from the room so it doesn't have time to settle and encourage mold growth.

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