Summer holiday

8 Tips for a Wonderful Summer and Festive Season

This is certainly one of the busiest times of the year. Exams, deadline projects and must-have functions before the end of 2022 are necessary and great, but takes up much of our focus and time. We wish you much success in your year-end endeavors and still to-do's!

We hope you are almost done with planning ways to spend good times with family, friends and your loved ones over the summer and festive season.

Here are 8 tips to prepare for this precious time.


1. Have gifts wrapped before you go on holiday.

Have gifts wrapped in time

Avoid last minute shopping and buy your gifts online. Have your gifts delivered to your home and wrap them promptly. Or have them delivered to your loved ones if they will be not with you. Relax and enjoy your holiday. Find inspiration in our gift collection.

If you still cannot find what you are looking for, an iHouzit Gift Card might just be the perfect gift of choice.


2. Own a versatile Turkish Towel.

Have the perfect beach towel on your ocean and poolside excursions. Use it as a multi-purpose picnic blanket, cool cover-up, or stunning sarong.


3. Have an indoors activity ready.

Holidays for kids could include skills development too. Let your kids explore the world of Lego. Adults can even build the Great Pyramid of Giza!


4. Enjoy a braai before you go on holiday!

It is a good idea to braai this very weekend and test any new braai items. Spoil yourself and have only the very best braai tools - premium steak knives and forks, braai tongs, cutting boards, and grills.


5. Bring Christmas in your space.

Plan your Christmas celebration ahead of time. From the colour scheme, decor, food, and events to the invite list and dress code. Involve your loved ones with the planing and festive activities. Attend your local Christmas Carols with colleagues, friends and family.


6. Plan the holiday itinerary over a cup of coffee.

Have coffee dates, discuss and budget for holiday excursions. Journal over a cup of coffee. Relax. Support an awesome small business in Paarl, Fleet Coffee Company by buying your coffee reserves online.


7. Light up your garden and outbuildings.

Have a range of outdoor lights to have a fairytale garden and a well-lit outdoor area. Solar lights will ensure light, even during load-shedding. 


8. Ensure valuable items that will be with you on holiday are insured

Before your lock-up-and-go, ascertain that you have adequate insurance for you and your household's needs. Contact your insurer to ensure your policy is updated and that you are covered for risk events.

You could do an independent review with 1st Insurance Brokers so you don't waste your money on unnecessary cover while making absolutely certain that you're covered for what you really need.


In summary, enjoy the preparations to have a wonderful holiday that is well-deserved!

"If I could wish a wish for you, it would be for peace, faith, and happiness not only at Christmas but for the whole year through!" -Extract from a poem By Catherine Pulsifer.

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