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Karoo Angels

Karoo Angel - Evette Draai Vintage Angel (Small)

Karoo Angel - Evette Draai Vintage Angel (Small)

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Say hello to Evette – who looks very much like her cousin Levona, with clear beads and sequins in her knitted wings and halo.  But this young lady opted for a cream coloured dress – ‘You can never go wrong with neutrals’, Evette says. Here is her wire head version.

Evette means ‘the living one’.

The small feather angels are 11-13 cm long – an ideal size to hang on a Christmas tree, or in a window – or use as a small gift to someone who deserves something really special… Please notice that the feathers might appear a bit “flat” when packed – but when the angel is exposed to air, the feathers will unfold and look more and more fluffy and voluminous.

We recommend you to store your wire angel in a tight box or plastic bag, together with the silica gel sachet that is packed with your angel. This is in order for the wire not to turn grayish when exposed to humidity.

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