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Karoo Angels

Karoo Angel - Estalien Tiny Felt Classic Range Wire Angel

Karoo Angel - Estalien Tiny Felt Classic Range Wire Angel

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Estalien Tiny has all the unique Estalien features, although she is only 10 cm tall, and she is just as neatly made as her bigger sisters: Collar of feathers and beaded strands, heart shaped wings, and the beaded rim on the knitted dress. Here you see her with felt head, and she has also used cream beads, making her a bit different – and in addition she can stand on her own!!! (making her a perfect table decoration) Estalien means ‘to flourish’.

The wire angels were the very first angels to be made at the Angel Factory, dating back to 2005. Some of the wire angels are knitted, others are crocheted, and they have different types of beads, sequins and adornments to underline the superior craft quality.

We recommend you to store your wire angel in a tight box or plastic bag, together with the silica gel sachet that is packed with your angel. This is in order for the wire not to turn grayish when exposed to humidity.

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