Karoo Angel - Vondeling Juweel Knitted Denim

Karoo Angel - Vondeling Juweel Knitted Denim

Karoo Angel - Vondeling Juweel Hematite

Karoo Angel - Vondeling Juweel Hematite

Karoo Angel - Vondeling Juweel Knitted Denim

This Juweel Knitted Hematite is approx 3 cm tall, knitted in an ultra-thin grey coloured copper wire, reminiscent of the hematite mineral.  Inside the pendant there is a Preciosa drop shaped bead, to add some weight. The adjustable silk ribbon is hand-dyed to match the pendant, and is long enough to work as a chain – but of course, you can also use the Juweel as a decoration. Your Juweel comes in a tiny box, with a card and a nametag.

The wire used is ultra-thin coated copper wire, which indeed only skilled crafters can manage to knit with, a Preciosa glass bead is adding some weight to the pendant, and the matching hand-dyed silk ribbon completes the look. We think the Juweel angels live up to their name: True gems! And of course, you can use these miniature angels as decorations.

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All the Vondeling Juweels have the following text on their name tag: ‘My name is Vondeling Juweel, and I am a Karoo Angel. My name means ‘foundling gem’, and Vondeling is also the name of the village where I come from.’

About Karoo Angels:

There is an angel factory in the Karoo…

And from this factory thousands of angels every year fly to other places, other countries, other cultures. This is the story of how it all started.

The story begins with a small craft project in a tiny and remote village in the beautiful Baviaans area of the Karoo semi-desert in South Africa. The name of the village is Vondeling, the craft project takes the name Vondeling Optel Craft, and the year is 2006. More than 10 years later the Karoo Angels tell a story about how small feather and wire angels, 100% made by hand, could dazzle and charm thousands of people all around the world and put a forgotten village and forgotten people back on the map once again.

Joined in 2015 by Rietbron Craft, the Angel Factory now have two branches, and under the name of Karoo Angels the two craft groups are embarking on a new and exciting chapter, set out to make the angels known all over the world.

This website is a portal to the angels, the beautiful place where the angels are made, and the community of people involved in creating, exporting and selling the Karoo Angels.

Read More https://www.karooangels.co.za/about/



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