Upcycling with textured paint

Upcycling with textured paint

Upcycling with textured paint

Upcycling has really taken off in the last few years as everyone’s become more aware of the impact of waste on the environment. And with many people feeling the pinch this year, repurposing previously loved items for smart gifting this year is very appealing.

Add a unique touch

Chalk paint is great if you want a matte finish to your painted item. However, this can look very dull and flat when used on functional items like jars and vases.

Tantalise the sense of touch by adding some texture that simulates a clay finish. You can paint it onto glossy items (glass or glazed ceramics) and it’s really easy and affordable to do.

What you need

● The item you want to paint

● 250ml paint - any leftover wall paint you might have leftover or grab a small tin from the hardware store if you have a big or a few items to revive

● 5ml baking powder - if you want to make up more than 250ml paint, remember to keep the 250:5 ratio

● A small container and spoon/stick for mixing

● A brush - bristle or foam-tipped

Create your artwork

1. Prep your item - make sure the surface you want to paint is clean and dry.

2. Put the paint in your small container, add the baking powder, and mix well with the spoon/stick.

3. At this point you’ll see some bubbles forming in the paint and the consistency becoming a bit like mousse.

4. Paint the first coat on your item. It will be transparent but you’re going to add a few layers, so don’t worry about it.

5. Let your item dry for about 30 minutes - until the paint is touch dry. Then add another coat.

6. Repeat adding coats and letting them dry in between each layer until you’re happy that it’s covered well enough.

7. Let it dry overnight or longer if you can, to allow the paint to harden into that clay finish.

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