Recipe: iHouzit West Coast Black Mussels cooked in De Waal Chenin Blanc White Wine

Recipe: iHouzit West Coast Black Mussels cooked in De Waal Chenin Blanc White Wine

Recipe: iHouzit West Coast Black Mussels cooked in De Waal Chenin Blanc White Wine - Serves 4 people

West coast black mussels cooked with garlic, butter and white wine brings the sparkling ocean into your home.


50           West Coast Black Mussels

1 Tsp       A mix of garlic, ginger, jalapeno finely chopped

1             Medium Onion, cut in slices

30 ml       Olive Oil

2 Tbsp     Butter

250 ml     De Waal Chenin Blanc White Wine

250 ml     Fresh Cream

1             Instant White Onion Soup


Served with:

1             Freshly Baked Bread of your choice

1             Apricot Jam

1             Bottle of De Waal Chenin Blanc White Wine



Collect medium to large black mussels when it is low tide from the West Coast, South Africa. We have collected ours at St Helena Bay, Western Cape, South Africa. Only collect mussels securely attached to the rocks or buried in the sea sand and are still immersed in the cold seawater while it is low tide.

St Helena Bay, West Coast, South Africa

Alternatively, buy West Coast Black Mussels from your local store that guarantees freshness and source seafood sustainably from the ocean.

Rinse the mussels with fresh water in a bowl and clean the shells from any bamboo and other seashells. Remove the grassy "beard" from mussels. Discard any mussels that aren't tightly closed before cooking.

Drain the mussels from any excess water.

Place the mussels in a large heavy-based pot or casserole on a gas or electric stovetop.

Stock Pot by Tramontina

Add the butter, onion, garlic, ginger, jalapeno and De Waal Chenin Blanc White Wine.

Chef Knife and Cutting Board, Garlic and Onion


Place the lid on the pot and cook the mussels on moderate heat for approximately 5-8 minutes. Open the lid while cooking and remove the pot from the stove when the mussels' shells have opened. Let it cool down. Discard any mussels that haven't opened during cooking.

In a separate pot, make the White Onion Cream Soup.

Fry a chopped onion in a tablespoon of butter over moderate heat on a stovetop, add the instant soup, mixed to a paste in a separate cup with 125 ml cold water or milk. Add fresh cream, add some milk or water and stir the soup to get the desired smooth soup texture. Add salt, pepper and fresh parsley to taste.

Dish the soup into a beautiful soup bowl and arrange the mussels with a dash of flair, decorate with fresh herbs. Serve with fresh bread, butter, apricot jam and a glass of De Waal Chenin Blanc. Cheers! Tjorts! Ein Prosit!

Mussel Soup

To stay for a few nights on the West Coast, we recommend Light House Villa in Shelley Point, St Helena Bay, Western Cape, South Africa. 

Do you have tips to collect mussels, how to clean them or how to cook the best mussel soup? Please share in the Comments section below. 


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