From the Navy to Fleet Coffee Company

From the Navy to Fleet Coffee Company


The Fleet Coffee Company is the brainchild of Cheslin Grobbler, who fell in love with coffee and the art of making it when he was in the navy. Fleet has been in business since 2015.

The company makes the best fresh coffee in the Cape at its stores dotted around the peninsula. Fleet store locations include the Val De Vie Estate, KWV Sensorium, Century City and Bril in Stellenbosch.




Fleet also imports selected beans from carefully curated sources around the world. The best of these beans are used to make the finest coffee at its stores.


Another division of the company services the wholesale coffee market. This division offers coffee sellers and suppliers beans in bulk as well as coffee making equipment and barista apparel.

Since events are slowly making a comeback in South Africa, Fleet offers a mobile barista coffee service in some areas.

Committed to Community

A key pillar of the Fleet philosophy is to involve the local community as much as possible. To this end, Fleet is committed to creating work opportunities for suitable community members. Members will be trained as professional baristas and will be instilled with the same passion and skills for making good coffee that motivates Cheslin.


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