Which knife to use in the kitchen?

Which knife to use in the kitchen?

Know which knife to use in the kitchen

Give yourself the chance to know how the proper chef knives feel in your hand before buying. It will give you a better sense to narrow the choices down once you know what you like. It also helps to understand how the different kitchen knives perform as per their intended use.


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The list below contains all the most commonly used knives and how to use them correctly.

Cook's / Chef's Knife                  

A cook or chef's knife has a long, broad blade (19 to 25 cm) at the base that tapers to a point.  It is the most popular and commonly used knife—a must-have for any kitchen.

Used for:  Slicing, Dicing, Chopping, Mincing, Shredding  

Paring / Peeling Knife

                         A paring knife has a short, pointed blade (5 to 10 cm). It's an excellent tool for any foods that require attention to detail.

Avoid using it on tough vegetables like carrots and parsnips. 


Used for:  Peeling fruits and vegetables, Hulling, Mincing 

Tomato knife        

A tomato knife has a short, serrated, blade (about 8 cm). Use it to slice through tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables easily.

Used for: Slicing, Peeling

Carving Knife

carving knife has an extra-long, narrow non-serrated blade (30 cm) that tapers to a point.

It is much thinner than a Chef's knife, which makes it ideal for slicing delicate and precise cuts of meat.

Used for: 

Slicing and carving thin slices of meat 

Bread Knife


A bread knife has a long, rectangular, serrated blade (about 20 cm).

The serrated blades of bread knives can cut soft bread without crushing it.

Used for:

 Cutting slices of bread

Knife Sharpener


A sharpening stone is the best tool for sharpening your knives. You could also have your blades professionally sharpened, e.g. at your local butcher shop. 

Honing Steel

Use a honing steel to maintain an already sharp knife edge. It keeps your knives at their peak sharpness. Honing steel could be used daily. 

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