Turkish Towels for the beach, home, baby, bathroom and more by The Cotton Company.

Always be ready for summer with a Turkish towel!


Turkish towels aren’t a new thing, but some people don’t know much about them. They look so thin, how will they get you dry you after a swim or shower? The secret lies in the cotton.

Weaving the magic

The long fibers of Turkish cotton make it super absorbent and quick to dry. It’s also why a Turkish towel is thin and light. But don’t be fooled - it’s the perfect fashion accessory for when night might be a little chilly. And folded double it will warm your lap better than any cat can! Also, it’s not a good idea to pack a cat when traveling.

Fringe benefits

While a lot of Turkish towels are made with the traditional knotted tassels, some aren’t. You can use the fringed towel as decor, like a throw on your bed or couch. Or you can grab one on your way out to your next picnic. They are so versatile with different colours and designs.

The Cotton Company collections

Here’s a quick breakdown of the different collections you can find on iHouzit.com. The one thing they all have in common is that they are woven from 100% cotton.


A traditional striped Turkish towel ideal for the beach or pool.

100 x 180 cm


Versatile and beautiful. Features a trademark white stripe look. Apart from being a great addition to your bathroom or travel bag, it also makes for a stunning tablecloth or picnic blanket.

100 x 180 cm

Herringbone weave

A luxurious thicker weave is woven in a dense, flat style.

100 x 180 cm


Another soft, thicker weave in a unique pattern combined with the durability of Turkish Cotton.

100 x 180cm


Beautifully striped and soft - perfect to wear as a sarong, scarf or use as a travel blanket or towel.

100 x 180 cm


Modern, stylish, textured, and double-sided: one side in colour, the other in a natural shade.

95 x 175 cm

Caring for your Turkish towel

The more you use your Turkish towel the softer, fluffier, and more absorbent it will become. Make sure you wash your Turkish towel before you use it. At the very least soak it in cool water overnight.

For machine washing, use a gentle cycle, avoid bleach and fabric softener. Tumble dry on low heat without dryer sheets. Because they dry very fast, you can just hang them up.


It’s not always practical to lounge around in a towel despite how light and wonderful Turkish towels feel. Get yourself a Zarif hand-woven robe. With wide kimono-style sleeves, deep pockets, and a long belt it’s perfectly stylish for all seasons.

(All Images: The Cotton Company)

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